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Happy Easter!

It's Easter, the weather is great, I'm going to sit in the garden in a few minutes and then we'll have a barbecue tonight with our parents, so all is fantastic. And look what I made for dessert:

Cupcakes with a Toblerone mousse topping. I can just FEEL my arteries clogging already ^_^ You could probably run a marathon on the calories of just one of those cupcakes, but hey, who cares? :-)

Funny people, those Dutch guys

When this happens, we don't panic. Or go on about terrorists, two-headed cows, or three eyed fish that wil inevitably turn up in a few months. Oh no.

We Dutch people simply go and make 'grote vuurbal jonguh' ('Big fireball man!') the number one trending topic on Twitter - worldwide. Referring to this film. Don't you just love us?

Seriously, though. This is all happening less than fifteen miles from where I live. If the wind changes, we'll be pretty f*cked. Although I DID see a huge explosion when I passed the fire on the factory. It's quite scary, actually... although apparently they have it all under control now and no-one died, so I guess that's good news.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

The three parties who will probably form our new government presented their plans today. And apparently, what this country needs - with the economy still on its arse, terrorism looming over our heads and whole neighborhoods in towns near me being taken over by drug dealers because the coffee shops were closed down and the drug trade has now gone completely underground - is animal cops.

Yes, you read that right. Animal cops.

Five hundred of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for animal rights and animals should be treated well, but we already have the inspection agency of the department agriculture. We already have the inspection unit of the animal protection society. Harming animals is already forbidden in the law - and police officers are required to act against it. So why the hell does this small country need five-f*cking-hundred police officers, especially for animals?? While the new goverment wants to cut down 6 billion euros on public spending?

The country has gone mad.

(it's not like this is the only thing that bugs me about all the new plans, obv. But this just struck me as being extremely silly.)


Shame by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow! (stupid EMI won't let me embed. Tssssk to you, EMI.)

After the initial 'Huh? Blackbird?' I have to say I actually really like this song. I love the lyrics - it's so nice to hear them sing this after all that happened fifteen years ago - and it doesn't even have to grow on me, which a lot of Take That's and Robbie's singles have had to the last couple of years. But this one just hits the spot right away. And that video is just too funny. I bet the fanfic people are going all kinds of nuts over this, haha.

So, yeah, much <3 for this. Any opinions?


Ik heb me zojuist spontaan bedacht dat ik wel naar LCD Soundsystem wil in 013 Tilburg, maar uiteraard wil er weer eens niemand mee... iemand van hier toevallig interesse om met me mee te gaan (of toevallig al een kaartje in het bezit bij wie ik me kan opdringen?)

... and yet I'm remarkably non-überexcited about it. I'm happy, but I'm not jumping with joy at the news. Although, I have to say, I can't wait to hear the album and go to the concerts next summer (apparently it's Manchester first, then the rest of the UK and apparently they're also planning a European tour!). We'll see what happens. Good to see them all singing together.

... although WHY OH WHY did it have to be Love ain't here anymore?

Funny stuff

A post with holiday photos will be up shortly, but in the meantime I've been having fun reading this:


This might only be funny if, like me, you're reading the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson in the astonishingly badly translated English versions (hey, I only paid 5 dollars each at Target and the Dutch translation can't be much better). Even though it might contain a spoiler or two when you haven't finished reading the books yet.

Something else that I've been entertaining myself with is this:


I just keep laughing out loud as I browse through this website. I mean, do things get any funnier than this:


or this


or this


or my favourite, this:


How can this NOT make your day? XO

Wow, this is bizarre

I read about this just this morning and I thought, wow, that's scary. I've often thought, while standing in large crowds, or even small ones in small but hot concert venues: what if a panic broke out right now? Well, I suppose this is the 'what if'. It's scary.

And then, as I was driving home from the blood bank this evening, listening to the two minutes silence during the national memorial for war victims in Amsterdam (and yes, I do realise how little sense it makes to listen to silence on the radio, but let's not go there) I heard screams. I thought that the two minutes were over and that the radio station had made some kind of dramatic item about war violence, but no. It turns out it was happening there and then and that I was listening to this:

Apparently, some nutter thought it would be funny to start screaming (or at least, that's what it looks like right now). And it caused a panic reaction in the crowd, leading to thirty injuries. Which led me to the following thoughts: a) how many screws must there be loose in your head to do such a thing? b) the people in this country really are starting to get more & more crap every year - first this on our national holiday last year, and now this. And c) - wow, panic really IS a dangerous thing.

Marieke, I really hope you were safe at home watching telly tonight!!!

I think this video, shot by an eyewitness (I think it's that guy who's on DWDD every now and again, btw, talking about techy things like iPads) captures it all. You can just FEEL the panic when you watch this:

What a weird world we live in.

Has the world gone frigging MAD?

I think it has. Lowlands has sold out. In nine frigging days. NINE. With only three bands confirmed. THREE. And shitty ones at that (Admiral Freebee, some dance thing that I've never heard of and Blink fucking 182). Looks like this will be the first Lowlands festival I won't be going to in 13 years.

And you know what? The bad thing is, I'm not even that bothered. I'm not sure if I want to go to a festival which has seen its line up going rapidly downhill since 2005 (best.year.ever) and manages to sell out on the principle that people apparently expect the programmers to come up with something good when they know it's a long shot. You can risk buying Glasto tickets without any of the bands being announced, because from what I've been seeing the last couple of years, Glasto always manages to have a great line up. Lowlands, on the other hand, is a complete gamble. I guess the organisers are laughing their arses off now, thinking about all the effort they've just been saved, because now they won't have to bother booking bands that are any good. I'll probably end up going to Pukkelpop, something I should have been doing a few years ago (and have been considering to do for several years) or Haldern, and I guess I'll not exactly be worse off that way.

But part of me hates all those other mainstream magazines for women in their thirties (and yes, I am now one of them and yes, I do read those magazines, but that's besides the point) that have been writing just a little too often about Lowlands being an oh so nice festival to go to with your girlfriends for a few days. And I secretly hope all the hipsters will all drown in a mudslide on campsite 5. That'll teach them to take over a festival that they once, back in, oh, say 1997, considered to be for stinky alternative kids like me.


Here's something that made me giggle yesterday. Especially the discussion with the Indian guy, at the bottom of the page. :-D I had read about the plans last week but I totally forgot to check how it went (as in: what the reactions were, because it was always blatantly obvious that everyone would survive the OD with no harm done whatsoever). It's such a funny way to prove such an important point: that no public health care money should go into paying for stirred & shaken water with not even a hint of a working molecule in it.

In fact, it's the main reason why I don't have additional health insurance on top of the basic insurance - because my insurance company doesn't offer a single addtional plan that doesn't include alternative medicine, which I simply refuse to pay for, and I couldn't be bothered to go and find another company. (I have to say though that it turned out to save me a hell of a lot of money. Any life saving treatment is covered in the basis insurance, and if I ever need something like physical therapy - which, all things considered, is alternative therapy as well - or a wig if, God forbid, I should get cancer, the money I saved over the years will more than cover for that)

Back on topic - if people want to take some homeopathic medicine if they have a cold, by all means, go ahead. It probably works as well as chicken soup, in other words: it won't work, but if it makes you feel better, so be it. Although it IS a waste of money. It's things like the ones that are described in this article that worry me. Telling parents not to immunize their children? Advising travelers to use homeopathic medicine to prevent malaria? These people should be locked up! And it's not just homeopaths, either.

The Dutch people will remember what happened to Sylvia Millecam, an actress/singer who died from breast cancer that alternative 'healers' had told her was just an infection and tried to treat it with, among other things, salt and magnets. It's such a shame that the 'doctors' who 'treated' her got off so lightly. I don't think this kind of practices will ever be totally abolished. But let's hope this OD will be the start of something. And that that 'somethng' will also set foot outside the UK.